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What is the Catenian Association?

We are groups of Catholics who are mainly, but not exclusively or necessarily, business & professional men.  Membership is open to all practising Catholic men, including ordained Deacons.  We meet socially every month.  We encourage (and when possible, help) each other & our families in social, business & retired life.

Although formal membership of the Association is for men only, Catenians value and cherish our ladies and families and involve them in a great many of our activities.  When a married man joins the Catenians, in a very real sense his wife and family join as well.

Catenian Kids….

The Ramblers


Provincial President’s Formal Dinner Dance

Our team at the Provincial Skittles (we came 2nd!)



 A bit of background…

The Association was founded in Manchester in 1908 and originally called “The Chums”. Today there are some 10,500 members who address each other as “Brother”, in the UK, Australia, Ireland, India, Hong Kong, Malta, South Africa,  Zambia & Zimbabwe. Most of our members are in the UK (where the Association was founded in 1908), followed by Australia and India is rapidly growing . 

There is a very strong Catholic minority in both India and Bangladesh, particularly in Goa (Western India) & Dhaka (in present day Bangladesh) –  these were settled by Portuguese sailors in the 15/16th Centuries, who intermarried with the locals ; Kerala (South India) and Chennai (East India). Tradition in India has it that Saint Thomas travelled to Madras (now known as Chennai) after the Resurrection & introduced Christianity. Historical records agree that St Thomas died in India.

Catena is Latin for ‘Chain’.  The Catenian chain has some 320 links called Circles.  Circles are grouped geographically in Provinces & in the UK there are 19 Provinces.  North Warwickshire is, with twenty-two other circles, a part of Province 6, one of the largest (by membership) Provinces in the Association.

What we are NOT

  • We are definitely NOT a secret society!

  • We are NOT a Catholic pressure group

  • We are NOT affiliated to nor do we support any political party

  • We are NOT a fund-raising organisation, except for special reasons

For example, the President, in his year of office, often requests Circle’s support for a particular charity of his choice.  In 2015-16, it’s the local St Vincent De Paul organisation, where a number of North Warwickshire Brothers (and their wives !) are extremely active in providing practical help to the disadvantaged in society, particularly through food-banks.

We also support Catholic Youth in a variety of ways, giving cash to youngsters going out to Lourdes to act as wheelchair pushers & minders, helping fund teenagers who volunteer to help in the Third World and running the Public Speaking Competition which encourages Catholic Youth to speak in public.  Some of the speeches are extremely amusing and really impressive !

Together with our neighbouring Solihull Circle, we launched The Catenian Secondary Schools Initiative in 2013, to use the experience and knowledge of our Brothers to help Catholic youngsters at local schools by offering encouragement, help, practical careers advice and Practice Job Interviews. Upto January 2016 we have provided several Employability Skills Workshops and well over 150 practice interviews to local Catholic teenagers at two local Secondary Schools and have been invited back for the next school year.

Winners of the Catenian Public Speaking Competition for Schools

A Third World School in Africa, typical of those supported by the Catenians.

 The Aims of the Catenian Association are to:

  • Foster brotherly love amongst the members

  • Develop social bonds amongst the members & their families

  • When appropriate, advance the interests of members & dependants by individual or collective action

  • Advance the interests of young Catholics & to assist them in the choice & pursuit of a career

  • Establish & run benevolent funds for the benefit of a member or a member’s family in financial difficulty

  • Promote & support The Catenian Association Benevolent & Children’s Fund & the Catenian Bursary Fund

  • And informally, to have good, clean fun together….!

“I got you, babe…!”



Musicians at our Irish Night



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