How Do I Join The Catenians?

Put simply, you get in touch with our Membership Officer, Tom Brassil, and we take it from there…..

Our Membership Officer looking for new recruits…!


Sadly, Brad & Angelina are NOT Catenians…YET !

However, if you’d like to know more about the joining process, read on..

  • You attend 3 monthly Circle meetings and dinners, the first of which is free as our guest, to make sure that you and your wife are comfortable with us and to help us get to know you socially

  • You complete a simple application form for approval by Circle Council

  • The form goes to Head Office for their administrative agreement

  • We notify our Circle brothers of your intended enrolment

  • We visit you at home to make sure that you and particularly your wife have been fully briefed about the benefits and obligations of membership

  • You are enrolled at a Circle meeting, and you join the wider Catenian family…!


What’s in it for me ?

  • Joining an international network of like-minded Catholics and their families

  • A warm welcome at anyCatenian Circle in the world (Very useful if you travel for work or pleasure….)

  • Making lasting new friendships in your community

  • A solid support network for when problems strike

  • A great opportunity to enjoy life the Catenian way

  • The chance to be part of a vibrant local Catholic community organisation and to give something back


Would you like to get in touch to talk about membership?


What does it all cost?

Being a Catenian

Benefits & Obligations of Membership

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