Benefits & Obligations of Membership

The Obligations of Membership

  • To remain a practising Catholic

  • To attend Circle meetings regularly unless prevented for good reason

  • To actively participate in the social programme wherever possible

  • To attend the President’s and other Catenian Masses

  • To contact & visit sick brothers, to pray for those who died, & to help brothers in need & their families if possible

  • To realistically (according to your means) contribute to the Association’s charities

  • To accept Circle Duties when practical, and to take an active interest in the affairs of the Association

  • To actively seek out, promote & sponsor suitable candidates for membership whenever you can

  • To help and encourage new brothers participate as fully as possible in Catenian activities

What’s in it for me ?

  • Joining an international network of like-minded Catholics and their families

  • A warm welcome at any Catenian Circle in the world (very useful if you travel for work or pleasure….)

  • Making lasting new friendships in your community

  • A solid support network for when problems strike

  • A great opportunity to enjoy life the Catenian way

  • The chance to be part of a vibrant local Catholic community organisation and to give something back

Would you like to talk to a friendly Catenian to find out more?



Being a Catenian

What does it all cost?

How do I Join the Catenians?

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